n gasoline fight

Scott Flaster - guitar, vocals
Stan Wood - guitar, vocals
Scott Anna - drums
Francisco Ramirez - bass, vocals

After 9 months pause for their bassist to recover from a second Bone Marrow/Stem Cell transplant, Gasoline Fight are back and ready for battle. Featuring x-members of Small Brown Bike, The Traitors, Peralta and Sweep The Leg Johnny, Chicago's Gasoline Fight play loud, fast and furious. Spewing distortion from every direction, dueling guitars wail and churn with speed and power. Three singers wreck havoc on the unsuspecting, with an onslaught of growled aggression, and an explosive rhythm section that pulls it all together. It's hard to catch your breath listening to Gasoline Fight. Recorded at Volume studios with Stan Wood producing, the Useless Piece Of Weaponry five song intro ep is a fine precursor to the upcoming full length CD due early 2005.

At the core, guitar players Scott Flaster (Small Brown Bike, Actionaries) and Stan Wood (Peralta), often seemingly at odds with each other create sounds that vary from bone crushing power chords to ear piercing harmonics. Bassist Francisco Ramirez (Traitors) supplies the snarling low end which combined with Scott Anna's (sweep The Leg Johnny) iconoclastic drumming, make sense of what should be but isn't an unholy mess of noise. All three guitar players contribute vocals disallowing the listener even the small comfort of a consistent voice. The result is genre defying, highly charged music that has depth belying its sheer volume.

Bombast personified lyrically, musically and personally, Gasoline Fight is the alarming result of young lives lived in the hostile yet seductive womb of punk rock. After years of living intimately in and on the Chicago punk scene as band members, sound engineers, and employees of the venerable yet foul Fireside Bowl, these now-men have seen and heard it all. Their retort to the thousands of bands seen and heard, loved and reviled that have crossed their collective path, Gasoline Fight have created an EP of amazing power and diversity. There is no fantastical sexual romp of other bands or band leaders that explains Useless Piece of Weaponry, no "if Lemmy and Yoko had a love child, etc..." The definition of the band is uncomfortable and unfamiliar and in any less experienced hands, the music and live show of Gasoline Fight would lack sincerity and precision.

While the personal experiences and musical influences are varied - drummer Scott Anna's former band Sweep the Leg Johnny toured incessantly for years, guitar player Stan Wood's time with Peralta was short lived but furious, bass player Francisco Ramirez's run with the Traitors was a war-torn crap shoot, while second guitar player Scott Flaster chose to leave Small Brown Bike for life in Chicago - each member has become the adult product of a culture and music often defined by immature and thoughtless rebellion. Gasoline Fight has disproved this perception and moved far beyond trite themes, drawing from first hand experience rather than trend.

Diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia at the age of 25, followed by two stem cell transplants, Francisco Ramirez experienced first hand the possibility dying young. As the band's primary lyricist, his harrowing experience of prolonged physical isolation, drug trials, pain and the forced acknowledgement of mortality in the midst of youth, his words congeals with rage. As a band they know the darker aspects of life, gleaning the intensity that only comes with great disappointment, abject fear and boundless isolation. The intensity of these emotions imbues the ferocious music with an unexpected and puzzling hope and is the perfect contradiction for a band of wizened and jaded old men who still know that every once in a while you really need a goddamn beer, a clean conscience and a clear mind. 'Useless Piece of Weaponry' is the EP, and if you are lucky enough to see them live, Gasoline Fight is the band to accompany you in the most basic yet complex conclusions in life.