In 1989, before the successful Seattle scene became a world wide phenomena, 23 year old Robert Roth's first band, the Storybook Krooks dissolved. Two weeks later he found himself trying out for Nirvana as a second guitarist. Nirvana's first guitarist left to join Soundgarden whose founding bass player, Hiro Yamamoto, had just retired from playing music professionally. While waiting for a decision from Nirvana, Robert met 21 year old drummer Mark Pickerel. Mark was a founding member of the Screaming Trees and was also playing in a side project, called Lithium, with Kurt and Chris from Nirvana and Mark Lanegan from the Screaming Trees. Mark Pickerel was not completely comfortable with "The Trees" new major label trappings, and when Robert and Mark played together for the first time in November of 1989, the chemistry was obvious. The two of them played some of Robert's 4 track demos for Sub Pop and they were subsequently asked to record their first EP in September of 1990. A month later, they debuted as the opening act for The Jesus Lizard.

The Seattle hipster elite were elated. Early in 1991, Mark invited Hiro Yamamoto, who he knew from the Soundgarden/Trees touring days, to join TRULY. They met at the Sub Pop headquarters, and it was agreed that TRULY would try to create a more sophisticated sound than the typical music of the time, that they would do things on their own terms, and would only play and tour when they wanted to, not because they had to. TRULY's first EP was finally released in October of 1991. The first two pressings sold out in under three months, while the catchy, power pop "Married in the Playground was a hit on local radio. "Heart and Lungs" was used prominently in the film Singles, and the major label offers started pouring in. TRULY decided to stick with Sub Pop and began recording a full length album in the Spring of 1992. A few of these recording (such as Hot Summer 91 and Chlorine) became centerpieces for Fast Stories from Kid Coma. Capitol Records took over the project in 1993, and the Capitol Tower was buzzing hard on TRULY's distinctively warm, heavy, hook driven and Mellotron drenched sound. Fast Stories was released in June 1995 to resounding great reviews, as well as making several "album of the year" lists worldwide. Seattle's Rocket Magazine in May of 1999 looked back and declared "Truly's debut album is undoubtedly one the finest Northwest releases of the 90's and may be looked upon as the Pet Sounds of that era." After touring the US and Europe for half a year and selling numerous records and concert tickets worldwide, with no video or single release, TRULY began writing and recording demos for their follow up album. A huge corporate shake up at Capitol brought major confusion to the label and held up release on many of their new artists. After much delay, TRULY asked to leave the label.

A new emphasis on song craft and a sharper production style marked the changes evident in 1997-98s second album, 'Feeling You Up.' The second album was released on Chicago based THICK Records in America and Cargo/Headhunter Internationally, once again to highly favorable press. In addition, the song "It's on Your Face" placed in it's entirety, in Francis Ford Coppolla's First Wave sci-fi cable series. After another US tour in the summer of 1998, TRULY decided to go on hiatus. Robert has gone on to collaborate on several songs with legendary poet/rocker Jim Carroll for the artist's first music album in years. "Pools of Mercury" was released on Mercury records in the fall of 1998. Roth also extensively contributed innovative Mellotron to Built to Spill's first Warner Brothers album in 1997, Perfect from Now On. Mark Pickerel released his first solo project, The Dark Fantastic, in 1999 on Up Records. Hiro Yamamoto is now a father of two and is once again retired from the music business. Robert and Mark toured Europe in May 2000, in support of Twilight Curtains Collection, with a new bass player George Reed-Harmon (from mid 90's Tacoma art punk band, Delila) and Brian Northrup, an accomplished keyboardist who will be playing Robert's Mellotron, organ and Wurlitzer parts. Look for another collaboration with Robert and Jim Carroll on Olympia's Kill Rock Stars label, called, Runaway EP. Mark will be recording a second "Dark Fantastic" album for Up Records this year. Robert Roth will also, be recording his first ever solo album.